I’m In Love With This Adorable Pair Of Best Friends! Get Ready To Smile!

Meet Harvey and Eddie. These two best friends may be in their mid 80s but they are young at heart — or as they say it, “there may be snow on the roof, but there’s fire in the belly.”

Harvey and Eddie are such a great example of people who take great joy in life. That is the most important part of life, taking a moment or for these two every moment to enjoy what life is. Life is a true miracle and like they say, all life is precious.

See this hilarious interview, in which they give their opinions on a whole host of modern day topics, such as rap music, Lindsay Lohan, and Facebook.

They even treat us to a rousing rendition of their favorite song!

After hearing them go back and forth in a playful way it just makes me want to live their lifestyle. These guys are great!

Check out the charming video below!. Don’t miss their idea for the name of their hypothetical band!

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