If This Weightlifting Granny Doesn’t Get You Off the Couch, Nothing Will

Due to the drastic rise in the rate of Alzheimer’s disease, people are searching for ways to stave it off naturally. Exercise has proven benefits in this regard. Physical activity stimulates brain activity and also reduces a person’s risk of stroke or heart attack, which are both contributing factors to Alzheimer’s. Shirley Trim Webb, a 78-year-old grandmother, is living proof that getting up in age doesn’t mean you have to cut down on exercise. Webb can deadlift an impressive 225 pounds three times in a row. Her personal highest lift is 245 pounds. What’s more, Webb didn’t even start seriously working out until she was 76 years old; she says that just two years ago, she became tired while climbing up stairs.

All senior citizens can build their bodies and boost their brainpower with exercise.»

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