10 Do’s and Don’ts for Visiting Someone with Alzheimer’s

Don’t: Argue and Point Out Mistakes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Your loved one may have their own version of reality. Don’t argue with statements of “fact” or point out mistakes that they make. This adds nothing to your conversation and makes your loved one doubt their own perceptions, leading to confusion and anxiety.

Do: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Them

Photo: Flickr/svklimkin
Memories of the distant past are likely to be fresher than more recent events. Lead them to talk about their childhood or young adulthood. A conversation about the past can be rewarding for both of you, and can make your loved one feel more confident and happy.

Don’t: Pressure Them to Remember Something

Photo: Pixabay
On the other hand, if there is something that your loved one doesn’t remember, don’t push it. A person with Alzheimer’s can feel embarrassed and ashamed when they can’t remember something.

Do: Go With the Flow

Photo: Pixabay
Let your loved one take the conversation where they want to go. Allow them the freedom to express their emotions, even negative ones, and acknowledge and validate their perceptions.

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