This Kid Falling Asleep in His Watermelon Is the Cutest Thing!

Falling asleep at meal time is a sure sign that you’re exhausted or the food is too terrible to stay awake for. It’s doubtful that watermelon is boring enough to make anyone doze off, which makes this video seem even more adorable.

In this clip, an unknown camera person records a small kid noshing on a watermelon slice that is about the size of the kid’s head.

The kid sits in a highchair, sporting a blue bib. He takes a bite of the watermelon, chews mechanically and nearly falls asleep.

Someone in the background laughs, presumably the camera person. The kid tries over and again to stay awake and eat his watermelon, but to no avail.

You can’t help but sympathize, and you can’t help but feel your spirit lift while watching.

Humorous videos featuring kids are great medicine for the mind, body and soul. Check out this video about kids and weddings for more inspiring laughs.

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