If You Need Proof That Love is Stronger Than Alzheimer’s, Watch This Video!

Love is able to fight through many problems, even sometimes serious illness. Watch the love that Sam and Sylvia Paley have for each other despite Sam’s affliction with Alzheimer’s Disease. In this video produced by their grandson, Sam Maller, to document their lives together, his grandmother chooses to look optimistically at the things they can still do together. Advice from experts holds true: it is important to remember that people are more than their ailments. If your loved one is suffering with a disease, think about this couple and focus on the positive things that you can do together in life to prove that love is more powerful than any disease.

See the touching video below!

Alzheimer’s continues to grow costlier, and the prevalence of this tragic disease only continues to grow. Many American elders depend on Medicare for coverage of treatment they need during their golden years, but Medicare does not cover long-term care for Alzheimer’s leaving family and loved ones to shoulder a care burden currently estimated to be worth over $217 billion.

This cannot continue!

You can help America’s Alzheimer’s patients by signing our petition demanding Medicare step up and cover 100% of long-term care for any person with Alzheimer’s or other dementias whose doctor has recommended it. Click here to sign the petition.

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