8 Ways Pets Can Benefit Those With Alzheimer’s

Pets can provide a wealth of benefits to those struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Their loving, carefree personalities can help ease fears and alleviate stress among their human counterparts. More and more often, pets are appearing in Alzheimer’s care facilities, helping improve the lives of those they meet. Here are some of the benefits pets can bring to those who could use a positivity boost in their life.

8. Improve Appetite and Nutrition

A four-legged friend — or even a friend with fins — can help give those with Alzheimer’s a nutritional boost. Studies have shown that having pets around can help improve nutritional intake: a person with Alzheimer’s tends to eat more, and even gain a little weight, when an animal friend is nearby.

7. Provide Company


Photo: Pixabay

A pet gives a person with Alzheimer’s another soul to care for and associate with, reducing loneliness. This companionship can help mitigate some of the negative effects of dementia and enhance their quality of life.

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