This Model and TV Host Shares the Difficulties of Her Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

When B. Smith, an accomplished businesswoman, author, actress, television host and model, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, she and her husband Dan Gasby resolved to fight it together. Talking to Dr. Phil and a medical expert in this video, they discuss some of the changes that occur in the minds and lives of individuals who struggle with the disease. They also talk about how Alzheimer's can affect family members who also act as primary caregivers, emphasizing the need for love and patience when taking care of their troubled loved one, and they highlight the fact that caregivers must remember to take care of themselves and seek professional help when needed.

Drawing from their shared experience with Alzheimer's as patient and caregiver, Smith and Gasby wrote the book “Before I Forget” with the aim of encouraging more discussion about the disease. In it, they recount the struggles they faced while dealing with the disease together. They also highlight their efforts to stay committed to each other and to the wider fight to find effective treatments and possible cures by encouraging more people, especially minorities, to participate in research and clinical trials. As B. Smith and her husband unfortunately learned firsthand, Alzheimer's is a disease that crosses all social and cultural lines.

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