These 9 Sweet Stories of Kids Reaching Out in Kindness Will Melt Your Heart

Lemonade Stand

There are plenty of stories about lemonade stands raising money for causes. Chicago-area residents Evan and Sam Axelson, both under the age of 10, decided to earn money for a local cancer center. One man gave them $100, and on a separate day the boys raised $300. The reason for the lemonade stand is that the boys’ papa died of cancer when they were very young.

Books for Treatment Centers

Mackenzie Bearup spends a lot of time indoors reading books because a neurological condition makes going outside very painful. Instead of taking things sitting down, she decided to raise money to buy books for cancer centers across the United States. By age 16, she gave more than 50,000 books to cancer centers across the country.

Thank You for This Food

Kids love their favorite meals, and one mother says her 4-year-old daughter usually forgets her manners of “please” and “thank you” until Mom makes her favorite dinner. The little girl, when done, always remarks dramatically, “Thank you Mom for cooking this most delicious meal.”

Hurricane March

Zack Bonner, at age 11, decided to go to Washington to raise money for homeless children after his hometown was ravaged by Hurricane Charley. In the middle of his march to the nation’s capital, Zack’s grandmother passed away. Rather than return home, Zack finished his three-stage walk from Tampa to Washington, and all the money he raised went to two charities.

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