Sometimes the Caregivers Need Care — Keith Carradine and Wife Discuss Life Lessons of Alzheimer’s

At an event celebrating those who take on the challenge of caring for Alzheimer’s patients, actor Keith Carradine and his wife Hayley Dumond shared some heartfelt words about what their experience has taught them about the power of banding together.

There are so many ways in which life changes for you and when someone you love is diagnosed (for you and for them) and that changes a thousand times over when you are their caregiver. This journey has brought them closer as a family and as a team, but it has also been an eye-opener that has deepened their respect for caregivers who tackle it alone.

Keith Carradine understands that caregiving can often be challenging on the family, but advises working out a system of offering each other relief to revive the soul. The wisdom the couple imparts proves that when loved ones and friends rally around an Alzheimer’s patient with a common vision and objective, the results have a magnified impact on everyone involved.

See the insightful video below.

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