She Tells Her Son She’s Scared: Listen To How He Responds

People with Alzheimer’s are prone to feeling anxious, confused and scared. The fear of abandonment may drive them to constantly seek reassurance and make unreasonable demands of caregivers.

In such situations, a few reassuring words can go a long way toward assuaging their anxiety. People with Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia have to cope with a lot, and they are much stronger and braver than we give them credit for. It’s important to acknowledge the difficult situation these people are going through and assure them that they don’t need to handle everything on their own anymore.

Musician Joe Fraley’s mom, Judy Fraley, suffers from Alzheimer’s. Joe moved back in with his parents to take care of her. In this touching video, she asks confused questions and he patiently tries to reassure her in the only way he can.

Alzheimer’s is particularly distressing for the family of a sufferer because of the gradual mental deterioration and loss of memory it entails. Being called by a different name or not being recognized can be painful, but avoid making your hurt or fear apparent. Instead, be empathetic and patient. Your support and understanding will continue to be appreciated.

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