8 Powerful Ways You Can Support the Fight Against Alzheimer’s


When a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it can have quite a life-changing effect on friends and family members. They may begin to wonder how they can best direct their efforts to offer help and support. As daunting as the battle against Alzheimer’s can be, there are still plenty of ways people can influence change and join the fight against the disease. Here are some of those ways that you can become a warrior in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

8. Help Raise Awareness

Whether you speak casually for five minutes or present a workshop, share what you learn about Alzheimer’s with everyone you know. Be contagious — in a good way — in getting others excited to learn that they can help fight this horrible disease with their efforts. Explain symptoms, causes, treatments, and resources that are available for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

7. Join Alzheimer’s Advocacy Networks

Get involved with an advocacy network and learn all you can about how your voice can influence public policies. A key piece of advocacy is ensuring that elected officials who make decisions about funding, research, and health services treat Alzheimer’s as a priority. You are a powerful advocate when you give lawmakers access to the people who experience Alzheimer’s, so that they understand how their decisions impact these citizens.

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6. Consider Volunteering for a Clinical Trial

Everything that can be done to end Alzheimer’s points to a common terminus: discovering the cure. Researchers need all kinds of people, including healthy volunteers, to participate in clinical trials. Studies test ways to understand, diagnose, treat, and hopefully one day, cure and prevent Alzheimer’s. Whatever your age, race, or gender, consider checking if there’s a clinical trial near you that you can join.

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5. Volunteer At Places That Serve Alzheimer’s Patients

There are plenty of places that provide direct services for Alzheimer’s patients, and just about all of them need volunteers. Whether you prefer a hospital, a nursing home, or a social organization, the myriad volunteer opportunities may include data entry, preparing media for mailing or meetings, or helping with special events. Perhaps you might help by providing information and referrals in response to phone calls or email requests. Just share your special skills, whatever they may be.

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