10 Things You Can Do When Someone With Dementia Is Hiding Or Hoarding Things

Hiding and hoarding items is usually a natural manifestation of dementia, allowing a loved one a way to hold on to the past while maintaining a sense of security to their present. The more they hoard, the safer they may feel. However, it can become dangerous if too many items clutter a room, making an area unsafe and unclean. It can also become especially problematic for family members and caregivers if important items like keys or pills are taken and hidden away. Here are some things you can do when a loved one with dementia begins hoarding or hiding things.

10. Give Them a Special Drawer

Give your loved one a place like a box or drawer where they can put all of their special items. This accomplishes a few things: first, it may give them a sense of security to have a place where their things will be kept safe. Second, it can narrow down the places to search if your keys go missing. Additionally, people with dementia often like to rummage, and having a special drawer will give them something they can look through should they wish to do so.

9. Reassure Them

It’s likely that a special item will eventually go missing. Your loved one might misplace it or forget when they last had it. If this happens and they become anxious, do your best to reassure them. Remember that this behavior is part of their disease. Acknowledge their emotions and offer your support.

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