Dancing Queen, Just a Few Years Older Than Seventeen…

Age really is just a number. There is no age limit to letting loose and having a grand old time! While a variety of passersby joined a performer, Pablo Woodward, for an impromptu dance party on the streets of the seaside town of Brighton, England, it was an elderly woman in a pink coat who undeniably stole the show. This groovy granny couldn’t help but shake it up to the tune of “Twist and Shout,” abandoning her trolley to get in on the action and proving you’re never too old to break it down. This little old lady isn’t the only elder who’s caught the jitterbug. The video below goes to show that music very well may be the fountain of youth!

Check out another elderly woman showing off her moves on the streets of Sydney. Personally, we’d love to see these two get together and face off in a dance battle.

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