How One Family Is Coping With Alzheimer’s by Finding the Positive Side

For the people who suffer from it, Alzheimer’s can be difficult, but the effects of this progressive disease extend to family members as well, especially when they serve as primary caregivers.

This is the reality the Quinn family has lived with since Paul Quinn, a retired Stillwater, Minnesota doctor, was diagnosed with the disease. Paul is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and the family has been adapting to the differences in his behavior.

Little changes, such as installing a GPS tracker in his car and sharing duties, to ease the burden on everyone have helped. However, while the experience has been somber, the family still finds some silver linings. As Paul’s youngest daughter, Katie Mack, narrates, the disease has made her father a kinder, gentler and more playful version of himself, and while holding two-way conversations is harder now, focusing more on listening to him has a positive impact on their relationship.

Watch the video below!

Watch how this daughter deepened the bond with her father, despite his failing memory, by reconnecting with his past as a WWII veteran.

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