Sweetest Little Boy Kisses Friend’s BooBoo!

It’s said that “little pitchers have big ears,” and nothing could be truer. Kids are like sponges: they see and hear what the adults around them are doing, and then absorb that behavior.

Sometimes this results in children doing naughty things like swearing or playing with scissors, but other times it results in adorable moments like this one! Doesn’t it make you want to be a better adult? We certainly want to pass kind behaviors like this one on to the next generation.

This kid’s parents have definitely been doing something right! This child’s display of kindness is something you don’t see very often, but he has it down pat! What a little cutie pie.

This video shows one little boy who learned empathy early by watching his Mommy, who always kisses the places where her kids have fallen and hurt themselves. He kisses a friend’s booboo in a touching display of compassion. And what’s cuter than a kid showing some empathy for a playmate?

Teaching our children compassion leads to them becoming generous adults.

Next, watch this touching video of a grandson giving his grandparents a gift they will never forget.

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