Alzheimer’s and Natural Disasters: Are You REALLY Prepared for the Worst?


Natural disasters are terrifying, but the sudden chaos and intense stimuli can be particularly scary for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t wait until a tornado or hurricane hits to make a plan. By preparing in advance, you can ride out a natural disaster safely and minimize the emotional distress for both you and your loved one, as well as for other members of the family. Here are eight tips you can use to help you prepare.

8. Collect Emergency Supplies

During a natural disaster, you might not have time to hunt for medications and important documents. To ensure that a loved one with Alzheimer’s can stay safe, gather crucial supplies into an easy-to-grab kit. Start with crucial paperwork, including a copy of a photo ID, personal health records, proof of insurance, and power of attorney papers. Then, write out a list of medications, including their dosage amounts and times. If you can, put in extra supplies of each drug to use in an emergency. Finally, include self-care items: clothing, ID bracelets, food, water, supplies for incontinence, and batteries for medical devices.

7. Subscribe to an Alert System

Enable rescuers and first responders to care for your loved one by enrolling in a program such as MedicAlert + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return. That way, if a loved one wanders away or gets separated during a natural disaster, the program’s ID jewelry can help return them home.

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