Today May Be A Mystery, But Yesteryear Is Crystal Clear For These Patients!

Alzheimer’s disease is a strange thing. Someone with Alzheimer’s might not recall what happened that week, or even just that morning. Yet they can often recall important moments from deep in the past. Imagine being able to taste the carrots you plucked from your grandfather’s garden as a child, or see in your mind’s eye the quilt your grandmother made for you as a child… even though you aren’t sure where you are or who you’re talking to right now.

Alzheimer’s disease affects recent memories first; patients lose yesterday far sooner than they lose yesteryear. Perhaps in recognition of that, a series of newly-diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients took a moment to record the memories they never want to forget. Watch this moving mini documentary, then take your smart phone and help your loved one record some memories for themselves and their children. You won’t regret it.

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