10 Ways to Treat Depression in Alzheimer’s Patients Without Adding Medications

Alzheimer’s disease is a life-changing diagnosis, and those suffering from the disease are often prone to depression. However, treating depression among Alzheimer’s patients can be difficult, as they are likely already taking a long list of medications. Adding one more may become too much, or it may not interact well with the other meds that your loved one has been prescribed. Fortunately, there are ways to combat depression that don’t involve taking more drugs. Here are some ways to treat depression in Alzheimer’s patients without prescription medicine.

10. Find a Support Group


Photo: Pixabay

A support group can help your loved one with Alzheimer’s work through their mental state, especially during the early stages when they may be inclined to seek help or help others like them. Counseling or therapy may also be beneficial and provide another outlet for your loved one to express how they feel.

9. Acknowledge All Emotions

Photo: Pixabay

It’s important to acknowledge how your loved one is feeling, which means identifying the good emotions and the bad. Don’t downplay or dismiss depression, sadness, and frustration. Let your loved one know that it’s OK to feel down, but also express hope that things will improve.

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