Couple Remarries After Husband With Dementia Forgot The First Wedding

When you have a close relative that is suffering from dementia, it is a very difficult situation. One woman lived through such difficulty but she had a bright spot to it as well.

Her husband suffers from dementia and he can’t remember the relationship that they had together. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings for her, and he asked her to marry him.

Anne Duncan, from Scotland, had been married to Bill for 12 years. For the past 12 months, he suffered from dementia and had a very difficult time remembering her name and their relationship.

She went on Facebook to post about how she was stunned when her husband said he wanted to be with her forever and asked when they could get married.

A small ceremony was conducted in their garden two days later. Anne said the day was ‘wonderful’.

Facebook / Daily Mail

Anne Duncan was shocked when her husband Bill asked her if he could ‘keep her forever’. Bill suffers from dementia and he couldn’t remember their relationship for the past year.

Facebook / Daily Mail

She explained her husband’s illness in this way:

‘My wonderful husband of 12 years, Bill, told me that he wanted to marry me. Now, as most of you reading this will know, Bill has been living with dementia for nine years.

‘For the past year or so Bill has been unaware of our relationship, and no longer knows my name.’

She said that when Bill told her he ‘really really liked me and wanted to be with me forever’ that she was touched to the heart.

‘Bill doesn’t use many words now and finds it hard to express himself, but I got lots of kisses and hugs as I accepted his “proposal”.

Facebook / Daily Mail
Facebook / Daily Mail
Facebook / Daily Mail

She added: ‘It was so lovely. Another memory to treasure.’

Anne explained: ‘What I wasn’t prepared for was that he’d remember the next day. He wanted to know when we were getting married.’

Anne talked to her daughter, Andrea, telling her that she was stunned he remembered the moment and that she would need a wedding dress.

She revealed: ‘So I got a dress that afternoon, expecting to return it unworn. But Bill was still remembering on Friday.’

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‘Special cakes’ were purchased from the supermarket and Anne was given flowers from a family member for her hair. Another friend helped to prepare and plan the renewal of vows, including ‘a special bit for Bill so he felt we were getting married’.

Anne explained: ‘Next day, with beautiful homemade bunting made by Lynne the day before, a beautiful flower arrangement made by Eva, perfect flowers from Susan for my bouquet, stunning weather all day, and my wonderful family around me, Bill and I got “married” again.’

She called it a ‘wonderful day’, saying: ‘We are so blessed to be supported by family and close friends who love us both and do everything they can to help Bill and I enjoy our lives together.’

She added: ‘I never dreamed we would ever renew our vows, but we really did. And it was wonderful. Bill was wonderful.’

‘And what is even more amazing is that two weeks later Bill still thinks he’s just married his new girlfriend and it makes him very happy.’

Anne continued: ‘Please take from this that you can never assume that just because someone has advanced dementia with all the difficulties that presents, that they can’t still surprise you in the most unlikely ways. Bill has made me very happy yet again.’

More than 80,000 people have commented on the Dell viral post.

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One posted: ‘Congratulations to you both. What a touching and beautiful story. Here’s to many more special memories.’

Another commented: ‘This is such a wonderful story brings tears to your eyes really is beautiful. Congratulations to you both.’

One wrote: ‘Oh my how beautiful. To love again is truly a gift. Gonna have to share.’

‘Bill, although dementia steals so much, he knows he loves you will all his heart. Memories lost but something is there. The memories of loving you still as strong today than years gone by,’ another user commented.

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