Florida Girl Bakes Cookies and Donates Proceeds to Alzheimer’s Research in Memory of Her Beloved Grandpa

A 13-year-old who lost her grandfather to Alzheimer’s is using her love of baking to honor his memory.

Jameson Shaw, who lives in St. Johns County, Florida, has her own baking business: Kukidoodle. Started in 2019, it offers made-from-scratch cookies.

Jameson’s goal was to use Kukidoodle to raise money for Alzheimer’s research to help her grandfather and those also suffering from the disease. However, her “Poppy,” James Russell Shaw, passed away last December, a few months after the business was launched.


In a post on Kukidoodle’s Facebook page soon after, Jameson wrote, “Dear Poppy, I already miss you. I will keep making KÜKIDOODLES for you. I will make the first donation in your honor on my birthday next Saturday. Love, Jameson”

Her grandfather’s obituary notes that he served as first president of Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless in Jacksonville. His son Will, Jameson’s father, says the cookie effort continues Poppy’s philanthropic spirit.

Will says, “Kukidoodle makes me think about my dad, and it makes me feel like we’re still helping.”


Despite Poppy passing away, Jameson decided to keep going with her goal. On Kukidoodle’s website, she said she will donate $1 of every dozen cookies sold to Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. She also sells her cookies at local company Joint Bagel. She’ll donate $1 for every half dozen sold there. Her goal is to donate $25,000 before she graduates high school.

By the end of 2019, Just a few months after starting the business, she was already well on her way to getting there. She posted on her Facebook, “I am happy to share that we made another donation from the cookie sales. With your help KÜKIDOODLE Baking Company has raised almost $1,200 for Alzheimer’s Research so far. Let’s eat even more cookies in 2020. Have a wonderful holiday and new year. Thank you all for helping me.”


She has continued to bake away in her grandfather’s memory throughout 2020. Jameson says not to worry, that she always tests each batch of dough. For which she says, “You’re welcome.”

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