In 1939, They Predicted Fashion of the 2000s Would Look Like THIS!

We can’t get enough of these British Pathé historic clips! This one in particular features a prediction of what clothing of the future will look like from 1939.

We know you already know that their fashion predictions are definitely not going to be on pointe, but do you have any idea exactly how crazy they thought our beauty trends would be?

Although I suppose you have to account for the fact that these archaic notions were probably geared more toward the avant garde than toward what normal everyday women might wear. And if you’ve seen any fashion shows lately, you might see some interesting parallels between these designs from nearly a century ago and the trends we see on the runway. Some would even argue the current avant garde trends are far more far-fetched than anything dreamed up in the 30s!

What do you think fashion trends will look like in the year 2100? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below. Also, tell us what you think about these fabulous fashions! Would you wear them?

While these guess-takers may not have gotten much right when it comes to the way people dress in the 2000s, they did hit one nail on the head. And that nail is portable phones. Well, sort of. See for yourself in the video below!

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