Anxious Feline Finn Can’t Wait For His Soldier To Return Home


Dogs aren’t the only ones to get excited when their owners come home. Cats crave their humans’ attention just as much.

Finn the Ragdoll’s soldier has been gone all day practicing drills, but this fretful feline is happy waiting by the door for his eventual return. And when he finally does, watch out!

While cats are typically known for their icy and isolated behavior, the bonds that develop between them and their humans is undeniable. Many cats even prefer a human’s touch even to food.

The next time you come across a kind kitty sending you affectionate vibes, give it a few chin scratches and enjoy making a new friend. You may not always strike it off as well as Finn and his human friend, but you’ll win brownie points with feline kind.

In the meantime, watch this energetic cat welcome his solider home after a day on drill. At ease, Finn!

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A. Boyea was born and raised in West Michigan. She attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a degree in marketing. She now resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and shares a house with her husband, and their two dogs, and two cats.
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