Boutique Donates Hundreds of Cardigans to Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Sensitivity to cold is a potential side effect of cancer treatment, and a boutique in Pennsylvania aimed to help out, in honor of a person they hold dear to their hearts.

The Gardenia Branch, located in Ross Park Mall north of Pittsburgh, recently gifted 300 butterfly cardigans to patients at Allegheny General Hospital’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Center. The gift was a nod to a family member of the women who run the boutique, mother and daughter Dione O’Dell and Kaleigh O’Dell. Dione’s sister, who was fond of butterflies and felt most comfortable in a sweater, died of cancer in November 2020.

During a special butterfly cardigan campaign at the boutique, a cardigan was donated for each one sold.

In an Instagram post, the business said, “This donation was made possible because of all of you!

“We feel extremely proud to be able to spread our wings and give back to these beautiful women who are battling cancer.

“A special thank you to Diana Napper, Dr Hilton, her amazing staff and all of the recipients! We love you!!”

One of the cardigan recipients, stage three breast cancer patient Maria Costa, told CBS Pittsburgh that she tried to wear it to most of her chemo treatments because it came from a place of care and felt like a warm blanket.

The Gardenia Branch aims to offer that sort of personal touch at its store, too, with the Ross Park Mall website saying it offers hand-picked items chosen with special care for their perfectly unique customers.

If you find yourself dealing with cold sensitivity due to chemo, layering up – like with a cardigan – may help. Wearing gloves when opening the fridge or freezer is also an option, as is steering clear of air conditioning vents.

If you’d like to see hear more about the cardigan story, watch the video below!

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