The Billboard Top 10 Songs From 1960

The year is 1960; John F Kennedy is elected as the 35th President of The United States, the Rat Pack is taking over Las Vegas, and viewers from around the nation tune in every week to see the adventures of Marshal Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke. Yet for so many of us, the memories we have come from the music we listened to. The soundtrack to 1960 was quite spectacular, as you’ll see with the top 10 Billboard hits from that year. See if you can guess them all!

We’ll start with number 10 and work our way back. This hit song was originally released in 1959 by a different artist, but in 1960 it became so big that it inspired a dance craze!

“Come on baby let’s do the twist!” Of course, we’re talking about Chubby Checker’s infectious hit, “The Twist.” While it’s only number 10 on the Billboard list, Billboard magazine declared it the “biggest hit” of the 1960s.

From: Wiki Commons

Number 9 on the list features a hit song from music royalty. It was catchy enough to knock number one on our list off the top of the charts (more on that later). We’ll give you a hint: “You can shake an apple off an apple tree…” Any guesses?

We can’t have a list about music from 1960 without the King himself, Elvis! “Stuck on You,” was Elvis’ first hit single after serving in the Army for two years, and his first hit single of the year.

From: Wiki Commons

Number 8 might be a little tricky, as the artist never really reached the popularity of others on the list. While this song was eventually covered by James Taylor in 1977 (albeit in a slower rendition), we’ll always remember the “Comma, Comma Comma Comma.”

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