Baby’s First Bath Will Make You Wish You Could Have One Too

You know that feeling of going to a hair salon or a spa and getting your hair washed or your scalp massaged? The warm water, the gentle hands, the fuzzy feeling of knowing someone else is in charge and there is nothing you need to be doing right now besides relaxing. Now take that feeling and add a newborn baby wrapped tightly in a warm blanket. We seriously can’t imagine anything more adorable or oddly comforting than this. 

Amira Yvonne, the newborn daughter of Sierra Still and Taveon Glenn, was born at 10:04 on November 19. Shortly after that, she got her hair washed for the first time, which appears to have been the best moment of her life so far. Glenn filmed the event and sent it to TODAY. His video, which shows Amira with her eyes closed enjoying a baby-sized scalp massage and the melodious voice of her nurse, is melting hearts all over the internet.

Glenn says:

Watching Amira getting her hair washed for the first time was one of the most priceless, breathtaking moments that I have ever witnessed, and I wanted to capture that moment so my family and friends could also see.

The serene expression on Amira’s face may be enough to convince you to visit the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, just to see if you can convince this nurse to give you a scalp massage too!

Think you can one-up this little one with your pictures and videos of something utterly adorable? Comment below!

My daughter getting her hair washed. 😍😍

Posted by Taveon Glenn on Saturday, November 19, 2016

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