We Convinced Grandma To Go Down The Waterslide, And Now We Can’t Stop Watching The Video

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Grandmas are often associated with low-key fun, like hugs and knitting, but at least one 80-year-old grannie isn’t afraid of getting a little wet and wild.

The following family video captures one cute octogenarian enjoying a waterslide for the first time. Her gleeful whoops and holler indicate that she’s clearly a fan. Better late than never, right?

As she starts to gather speed however, her face does briefly register a moment of concern. The handheld camera gets increasingly shaky as she speeds towards the pool. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screams as she plunges into the pool. For a moment, it sounds like this sweet little lady might be regretting her decision.

Once she’s back on dry land, her family is eager to know what she thought of her very first waterslide. “Oh my god. I thought it was fun,” she giggles, recalling her speed.

The Internet was similarly endeared by grandma’s thrill ride: “wow, looks like she’s having a great time,” “so cute,” and “sweet,” commenters wrote.

Others wished that they could share a similar experience with their grandparents: “I wish I could take my grandma to something like that and let her be happy one last time.”

Nor is this the only grandma willing to let her hair down. A recent news story recently profiled a 93-year-old grandma named Lucy recently slid down a waterslide as a way to conquer her lifelong fear of water. The local YMCA captured Lucy’s inaugural slide, which features a joyful Grannie falling post-slide into the lifeguard’s arms.

“THIS IS SO CUTE,” one commentator wrote upon viewing the video. “I want a 24/7 channel of news about old people.” Others aptly noted that age is just a number. “You’re never too old for a water slide!” We couldn’t agree more!

Watch Grandma’s first waterslide in the video below!

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