She Asked Her Dad If He Had Alzheimer’s, His Blunt Response Caught The Internet Off Guard

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Norm was 89 years old in 2014, the year his life changed forever. That was when doctors discovered the otherwise healthy octogenarian had Alzheimer’s Disease.

Since then, Norm’s family have supported their beloved patriarch best they can as he navigates this devastating disease, but as Alzheimer’s patients, family, and caretakers already know, this is not easy.

Several years after his diagnosis, Norm’s daughter and primary caretaker, Elaine Rusk, decided to interview her father on film. She was hoping to encourage other families struggling with Alzheimer’s disease not to lose hope, because her father, although his mind was deteriorating, was also still very much himself.

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The pair set up the camera and looked directly into the lens. She simply wanted to know if her father was aware of his diagnosis, but Norm’s answer would catch everybody – including the Internet – off guard. “Yes! I know I got it!” he exclaimed bluntly.

After the interview went viral, Elaine told The Sun Chronicle that her father definitely has hard days, but she definitely cherishes this time they can spend together. The pair especially enjoy painting, which is something Norm has enjoyed since Elaine was a child.

“To me, it’s like a sacred time,” Elaine says. “We’re in the moment together.”

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