Alzheimer’s Families Make New Memories Together

For Glen and Gail Harry, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis hasn’t meant the death of their relationship. Together, with the help of programs around Detroit that help reframe the perspective and experience of dementia, they’re living a fulfilling life.

“You still build memories. They might not remember it — the specifics of why they feel that way, but they can still enjoy those moments in those moments,” said Harry, referring to loved ones with memory loss. “And they’ve made more memories for you.”

The programs offer “judgement-free zones” were couples struggling with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia enjoy acceptance and patience from the staff. The focus is on enjoying happy experiences in the present, rather than focusing on the memories that are slipping away as the disease progresses.

Read more about Glen and Gail Harry and their experience with supportive networks around Detroit that are helping them enjoy their golden years.

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