Alzheimer’s Drug ‘Within Five Years’

A new study taking place in the United Kingdom has given those who fear Alzheimer’s reason for hope. A new drug, solanezumab, made by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly appears to have an effect on patients exhibiting early-stage Alzheimer’s. Previous trials with solanezumab had focused only on people with later-stage Alzhemier’s with no effect.

The new trial, however, will focus on earlier cases of Alzheimers. People will be given solanezumab as a monthly 400mg injection for 18 months.

Dr Eric Karran, director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said “I think the pathway now is if solanezumab is shown to work in mild Alzheimer’s disease then the pathway would be to give it earlier and earlier and earlier…and you could have confidence you will see an effect.”

“I am full of hope that we are going to have a breakthrough in five years,” he said.

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