Green Bay Packers Safety Adrian Amos Donates Over $80,000 to Alzheimer’s Association

Earlier this season, Packers safety Adrian Amos pledged to donate $1,000 to the Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for every tackle he gets this year — all in honor of his late grandmother. With the year coming to a close, Amos is wrapping up one of the best seasons of his career, completing 83 tackles and, therefore, donating $83,000 to the fight against Alzheimer’s.

“I was a grandma’s boy,” Amos told CBS 58. He recounts times where his grandmother, whom he calls “Grama,” has been his biggest support system. Her house was a second home for Amos growing up, and her influence has made a huge impact on where he is today. “She instilled that work ethic in my family. That’s something that sticks with me to this day,” said Amos.

Although Grama wasn’t ecstatic about Amos’ career choice, she continued to support him and push him to be the best he could be. Amos explained, “My grandma wasn’t even big on football. She didn’t care too much about it. She just didn’t want me to get hurt.” This, of course, all changed as Grama watched her grandson become the star athlete that his is today, and she quickly became his #1 fan.

Unfortunately, nearly ten years ago, Amos and his family began to notice some changes in Grama. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after, and in June of this year, she passed away.

“Sometimes we just sit around and tell stories,” said Amos of how he and his family try to keep Gama’s spirit alive. “My grandma wasn’t quiet to say the least. She wasn’t a quiet person. She told everybody how she felt about you.” And though her sense of humor and honesty will always be cherished by her family, Amos will always take her desire to give back with him.

“I think with what I’ve been blessed with, it’s important to be a blessing to others. My family instilled faith in me — and just sharing, because I didn’t get to where I am by myself. I had helping hands and I have the ability to help others.”

To learn more about Adrian Amos’ efforts to fundraise for the fight against Alzheimer’s, be sure to check out his fundraising page!

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