Grandmother with Alzheimer’s Who Was Abused By Carers Has Passed Away

When Freda Jobson was transferred to Keldgate Manor in Beverly, East Yorkshire, to get better Alzheimer’s care, her family never imagined what would befall her there.

Freda’s daughters noticed placed a camera in Freda’s room when they began to suspect that she wasn’t being properly cared for, in an attempt to catch the person who was responsible. But what they found was so much more awful than what they could have imagined.


Rather than provide Freda with the dignified care she deserved, some of her carers abused and mocked her, asking her if she was a witch and whether she was trying to curse them. They accused her of doing black magic. They physically harmed Freda, leaving dark bruises all over her body, and laughed at her when she groaned in pain.


Luckily, Freda’s daughters were able to have the situation somewhat rectified so that their mother was able to live out her last days with some dignity. The women who had abused Freda were fired and banned from being carers.


Freda passed away from dementia on Easter Monday, April 2, 2018, at the age of 87.

Watch the video below to see some of the horrible mocking Freda endured.

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