American Man with Dementia Abandoned in the UK

Roger Curry, a 76-year-old American man who suffers from dementia, was found in the parking lot of the Hereford bus station in the UK in 2015. He was carrying no identification. The police had no idea where he’d come from or even whether the name he gave them was actually his name.

Roger was sent to live in a nursing home, where he stayed for 8 months while the police worked on his case.

It was a photo sent in by a viewer who saw a police appeal on TV that finally helped identify Roger. The photo was from his high school yearbook, which led authorities to discover his family and their home in Los Angeles. But they weren’t interested in being discovered.

Roger’s wife, Mary, and son, Kevin, are now believed to have abandoned him in the UK. The reason why authorities think they did it is a devastating but real crisis happening to families all over the world.

Watch the video below to find out why Roger was left so far from home and where he is now.

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