A Life Hijacked: Alzheimer’s ‘Insidious’ Slide

For years, the Pittsburg Post-Gazette has followed former airline pilot Alan Romatowski giving an annual update on his state and the disease’s relentless march as it takes over his mind. Last month, they checked in on Mr. Romatowski again to see how he was doing.

A recent fall had complicated his needs for his primary caregiver, his wife Josie. “This disease just takes so much,” Josie Romatowski said, “and the only word I can use to describe it is insidious, because it’s just so ugly and dark with horrible things — and in the end, it just drags out.”

Josie’s strength and determination to stand by her husband as Alzheimer’s takes its toll is an inspiring story of strength despite difficulties.

Read more about their experience in the article by the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

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