Alzheimer’s Activist Maria Shriver Searches For A Cure

Alzheimer’s has become a silent killer that many still whisper about due to whether or not it’s an appropriate subject that should be spoken of. However, well-known in the political circle amongst all other things, Maria Shriver, has proclaimed to whisper no longer for this debilitating disease that had affected her personally. Her father, the driving force in the creation of the Peace Corp, lived with Alzheimer’s.

Admitting that her family was lucky enough to have all the resources to make her father live out his years as comfortably as he could, Maria realizes that millions of other families do not have this luxury. As baby boomers are reaching retirement, the number of them diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is growing. Maria is making a point to raise awareness, provide the best services, and strive to find a cure, so she and others will not have to burden their family and loved ones to care and worry for them in their final years. Let’s find a cure!

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