Love Is Very Much Alive for This Elderly Couple, Who Is Celebrating Their 90th Anniversary

For those who do not believe in forever, this old couple just exchanged sacred vows again on their 90th wedding anniversary.

Imagine that! As millions of marriages around the world are hitting the rocks, this 109-year-old man and 108-year-old woman have survived all the tests of time and have just hit a whopping 90 years of marriage.

Photo: YouTube/Red Cache World

An Incredible Love Story Against All Odds

“Marriage is a cultural universal, an institution so fundamental to the human experience that there are no known examples of a society that functions without it,” according to the World Population Review. “People marry for many reasons, including love, companionship, the desire to build a family, financial stability, social status, and religious fulfillment, and in nearly every case, the marriage is considered a watershed event in the participants’ lives.”

Photo: YouTube/Red Cache World

However, exchanging vows does not guarantee that a sacred union will last a lifetime. Infidelity, lack of commitment, domestic abuse, substance abuse, financial problems, moral or religious differences, and loss of intimacy often cause couples to divorce.

In the United States alone, where 4-5 million people get married every year, it is estimated that 42-53% of these marriages end up in painful divorce. What is more, these statistics come from a country that ranks 13th in the world’s list of countries with the highest divorce rates.

China is, in fact, in a worse situation than the US, ranking 7th when it comes to marriage disintegration. On top of the global list is the Maldives, with a 5.52 divorce rate per 1,000 people per year.

Love Is A Choice, This Elderly Couple Clearly Shows

Yes, it is not surprising that many find this couple’s wedding video first posted on Instagram incredibly touching. How such a marriage could survive for so long, and how such love could exist in its pure sweetness after nine decades, is a remarkable thing to contemplate.

Photo: YouTube/Red Cache World

“My heart, I’m crying! What a love,” wrote one Instagram user.

“I don’t even have the words for how incredible and sweet this is,” posted another.

“Sweetest thing ever,” another remarked.

“This is the best damn thing I’ve ever seen!!!” Another commenter said.

You, too, upon watching this video, will likely start believing in “forever” once again!

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