Man With Alzheimer’s Finds Strength to Dance With Wife For Her 80th Birthday

Alzheimer’s takes so much away from us. From losing the ability to remember loved ones, to losing the ability to take care of oneself, the unfairness of the disease seems unrelenting.

For Christy Velasquez, one of the things Alzheimer’s took away is her father’s ability to dance. But through the power of love, he is able to do it.


With the help of weepy-eyed family members, her father is able to get up and dance with his wife on her 80th birthday. The complete outpouring of adoration while they dance is so strong, the tears began to flow as he sways with his beloved bride.

Velasquez caught this emotional dance on camera, saying, “Alzheimer’s has taken away my Daddy’s ability to dance but today is Mama’s 80th birthday and we don’t know what next year will bring so needed to give my Mama this special moment.”


Watch the incredibly moving dance in the video below!

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